Physicians Review Organization is accredited both as an internal and external review organization through URAC—an independent, nonprofit organization which establishes meaningful quality measures for the entire health care industry. 

Achieving URAC accreditation means we are committed to a fair and impartial medical peer review process that benefits both patients and physicians with grievances. URAC accreditation is designed to ensure that review organizations are free from conflicts of interest, establish qualifications for physicians performing independent medical peer review, address medical necessity and experimental treatment issues, and have reasonable time periods for standard and expedited peer reviews, as well as appeals processes.

We comply with federal requirements and those of all states in which we conduct business. Our experienced staff, board of directors and advisory committee ensure exceptional service.


Each of our reviews are performed by board-certified physicians. And with more than 250 licensed physicians serving as reviewers in 65 different specialties, you can rest assured that each case review is accurate and unbiased. 

Effective and meaningful physician peer reveiw focuses on improving physician performance rather than just reviewing errors. Peer review can help physicians improve outcomes, identify areas of potential, and help providers maintain the highest of standards. 


Our reviewers are all qualified, practicing physicians who are experts in their fields. Because they are currently active in medical society, they approach each case they review with the most current, relevant medical knowledge.

We train each evaluator in the unique practical and cost-effective solutions we developed for evaluation and improvement of patient care. Our Board of Directors and Quality Improvement Committee ensure the reviewers have all the tools needed to help ensure patients have the best care that providers can give.