We provide case reviews to a wide range of groups including hospitals, physician practices, HMOs, managed care organizations, and major insurance companies. We utilize expert staff and over 250 carefully selected reviewers to ensure our clients receive informed, confidential, and objective reviews.

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Clients have shared with us their feedback and comments and we take every word seriously. Our Satisfaction Assurance Survey is updated yearly and can be viewed below. 

Client Satisfaction Survey

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Reviewers have shared with us feedback and comments about their experience. The survey is updated yearly and can be viewed below.

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Testimonials introduction

Physicians Review Organization provides very detailed quality reviews. The turnaround time is excellent. There are many different specialties available (internal medicine, neurology, orthopedic surgery, OB/GYN, urology, oncology, etc.). Physicians Review has excellent customer service. Working with Physicians Review the past eight years has been a very positive experience.


One of the biggest benefits of working with Physicians Review Organization is that you can work at your convenience. The reviews can be sent securely (electronically) back and forth. The staff at Physicians Review make the process very easy. The charts are quickly available and the time given to do the review is always sufficient; they are very accommodating if additional time is needed. Doing the reviews has given me a deeper appreciation of the workings of how the healthcare market works while it has challenged me to keep current with the latest medical information.

Reviewer (Family Medicine)

The reviews I provide for Physicians Review Organization all involve clinical judgment. They are interesting and challenging to do and usually education as well. Requests for turnaround are always reasonable and respectful of the reviewers' other responsibilities. The staff is always available, pleasant, helpful, and quickly responsive to any questions. The current electronic system is fast and easy to use. Physicians Review and its staff has always provided a friendly and supportive relationship and it has been a true pleasure to work with them.

Reviewer (Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology)