With the increasing scrutiny of medical errors and the complexity of the healthcare industry, Physicians Review Organization is an essential partner in the evaluation of patient care and safety. Our peer review process is objective, positive, confidential, and unbiased. We design our service to provide our clients with opportunities for education and self improvement. The impartial perspective we offer objectively measures real outcomes of care, improves health care for patients, and offers valuable oversight to providers.

Comprehensive & reliable

We use reviewers who are licensed and board-certified in the areas of medicine wherein our clients need review. Our utilization of expert opinions and a solid depth of current knowledge is our clients greatest benefit. Years of practice in the specialties we review allows our reviewers the necessary insight to provide a review of the medical record that is both broad and comprehensive.

Responsive & efficient 

Our knowledgeable staff make the review process easy for you and stand ready to walk you through the process in a timely fashion. Most case reviews are returned to you in 20 business days or less, while an expedited case review is generally returned within 72 hours. And if you have an urgent need, we can work with you to set a timeframe that suits the circumstances.

Hassle-free personnel review

We understand the benefit our clients receive from having their physicians records reviewed on a regular basis. Having co-workers review one another’s work, however, can cause resentment to the reviewee and anxiety for the reviewer. Our anonymous review of records allows the workplace to remain cohesive and professional.

Reviews conducted by anonymous board certified professionals

We maintain a panel of board-certified physicians currently licensed, without sanctions or restrictions. We carefully choose reviewers who are clinically active with at least five years of experience. Each of our reviewers has complete an application form and undergone a credentialing verification consistent with applicable National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Joint Commission standards. We conduct ongoing reviewer monitoring to ensure a high degree of consistency and exceptional quality for our clients. 

Clients receive informed, confidential, and objective reviews

We provide highly effective external peer review, an essential element in the overall success of any health care facility. We recognize hospitals and medical staff responsibility to maintain high-quality standards. Our Board of Directors and Quality Improvement Committee reviewed the Joint Commission’s standards and developed an approach to assist hospitals and medical staff that satisfies these standards.

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